What Has Wheely Gotten Himself Into?

Wheely, an underdog cabbie and a racer at heart, attempts to become king of the road in his hometown, Gasket City. During a delivery gone awry, Wheely bumps into the famous Italian model, Bella di Monetti and falls “bonnet-over-wheels” in love with this beautiful uptown girl, yet down-to-earth luxury car.

Constantly being on the wrong side of the law and looked down by the elitist luxury cars, Wheely and his best friend Putt Putt dig themselves into a deeper hole when they have to confront an underground car-napping syndicate led by the monster 18-wheeler truck, Kaiser.


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If any car was born to race, it is Wheely. A three-times champion street racer in Gasket City, and the youngest qualifier for the global street racing championship, he had the world at his wheels! Sadly, his dreams of winning the most important race of his life crumbled after spinning off the road and plunging into deep waters.

Still the wheels need to keep spinning, so Wheely takes a job as a lowly taxi, whilst occasionally dabbling in street sprinting. Just as Wheely is starting to think that this couldn’t possibly be the life for him, he slams right into the beautiful Bella di Monetti’s and falls in love with something other than his need for speed.

Putt Putt

A Chinese hybrid delivery scooter and Wheely’s funny buddy, Putt Putt sticks around to keep his eye on Wheely as he feels he is responsible for Wheely’s wellbeing.

As the lead rider in a pack of delivery scooters called the Merry Motors, Putt Putt has a talent of navigating the myriad of streets and alleyways of Gasket City. He also has a funny way of putting his ideas across in the form of what you would normally read in fortune cookies.


Beautiful Italian model Bella di Monetti comes from a humble background, though her stunning natural beauty transforms her from the girl next door to the face of Gasket City. Bella often accompanies her boyfriend Ben, a rich sports car with a golden ticket to the hottest spots in town, but deep down in her engine she knows he’s not the right car for her. When a beat up taxi from the wrong side of the tracks slams into her, Bella’s hooked… by this smart and funny street racer.


Kaiser’s a mean looking 18-wheeler who spent many years transporting luxury cars from city to city as they toured the world. Years of pent-up resentment has turned him into a mean trucker, intent on making the rich and pampered pay for his thankless years of hard work…. And he thinks he’s got the ideal plan to supplement his chop shop – he’s found a way to manipulate GPS systems, which will lead those cars right into his trap!


Frank is an oddball who has a shaman’s reputation of being able to bring cars back to life. He’s an amalgam of various cars and trucks, with the gloomy demeanor of an undertaker.

Sergeant Street

Sergeant Street is a highway cop who has patrolled the streets of Gasket City for over thirty years. She’s a few days away from retirement and she’s determined to close her career with a bang by ensuring the safety of Gasket City.


Wheely’s Momma is full of boundless energy and positivity, no matter how desperate the situation may appear. She loves Wheely and is very vocal about her need to see him settle down with a nice girl. She manages a rural petrol café on the outskirts of Gasket City, once prosperous when the dust road running past it served as the main highway.


Bella’s boyfriend Ben is handsome, rich and spoilt to boots. He loves nothing more than making sure he’s polished to a high shine with the latest technology in car grooming.


People Behind The Voices

Ogie BanksWheely
Gavin YapPutt Putt
Frances LeeBella
Brock PowellKaiser
Jay SheldonFrank
Barbara GoodsonSergeant Street
Tamyka WhiteMomma
Thomas PangBen
Raymond OrtaParmo
Armando ValdesRumble
Diong Chae LianAmy
Chris Jai AlexCrank
Joe MurrayRoyston
Khairil MokhzaniJoe
Ghafir AkbarDirector

Music Video

Groove To Wheely’s Soundtrack

Never Gonna Get Me –
Dualiti ft Jingles

The film’s soundtrack “Never Gonna Get Me” released by KRU Music, is a fast paced upbeat song by Malaysian hip-hop duo Dualiti featuring versatile British singer Jingles.


People Behind The Screen

DirectorCarl Mendez
WritersKeith Brumpton
Peter Hynes
Yusry A. Halim
StoryNorman A. Halim
Executive ProducerNorman A. Halim
Shireen M. Hashim
ProducerArchie Nasution
Line ProducerRazif Kasmar
Production ManagerLoh Mun Wai
EditorIzuann Jamalle
VFX SupervisorEzarisyirwan Basri
Voice DirectorsBill Gottlieb
Gavin Yap
Music ScoreReza Ramsey

Production Overview

Wheely is a 2018 3D computer-animated action comedy film produced by Kartun Studios, one of the leading animation production studios in South East Asia under KRU International. The production is truly international in nature involving multiple nationalities from Malaysia, United States of America, United Kingdom, China and India.

With over 100 artistes, Kartun Studios produces feature films and television content in both 2D and 3D animation formats. “Wheely” is Kartun Studios’ second feature film after “Ribbit” (Sean Astin, Russell Peters, Tim Curry) which was released in multiple territories around the world.

Special Thanks

Kartun Studios would like to thank the following fantastic organizations for their support, without which the production of Wheely would not be possible.

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